Projects: Cooking Adventures


I haven’t made dinner in a while, my parents and I were out-of-town last weekend and we had a LOT of leftovers before that, so not much cooking has been happening around here. But last night I decided it was about time to cook– the choices of leftovers was very limited, and since I’ll be home alone for a while with my parents out-of-town, I figured it time to make more food not only so that I’ll have a good stockpile of leftovers for the week, but also so that my parents could have some good home-cooked food before they leave and have nothing but restaurant food.

I had a craving for kimchi (Korean, fermented vegetables, usually cabbage), and remembered we had an old, unopened jar in the refrigerator. I didn’t want to just eat it straight, especially since it was kind of old, so I looked up recipes that use kimchi. What I found was awesome: a website dedicated to all things Korean food related, “Beyond Kimchee”. While I found what I wanted, a recipe for kimchi fried rice, the recipe wasn’t exactly what I had hoped (kimchi bacon fried rice doesn’t really fly with a vegetarian family) and I didn’t have all the ingredients anyway. (Here is the Kimchi Bacon Fried Rice recipe if you’re interested)

However, a quick Google search found me another great site with an article titled “Trader Joe’s Has Kimchi! Here Are 6 Ways to Use It“. Among those recipes was another fried rice recipe:

From Weeknight Recipe: Kimchi Fried Rice with Extra Greens. Doesn’t that look delicious?

I didn’t have any greens, so I decided to use chopped vegetables that we keep around the kitchen as substitute. Everything else, minus the gochujang and the sesame oil, we had stocked. I threw out the sesame oil and subbed sweet chili paste and sriracha for the gochujang, and got cooking.

First off, I made WAY too much rice. When the recipe says 2 cups COOKED rice, don’t cook two cups of uncooked rice or you get about 3x as much as you need! However, I can always use leftover rice , so I took out two cups once it was cooked and put the rest in a container to store for later. The recipe, linked in the image but which can also be found here, is pretty straightforward and simple. I only altered the aforementioned ingredients, and kept the procedure the same. I used mushrooms, green bell peppers, and broccoli as the vegetable, and they were delicious!

For a simple, quick recipe with authentic taste and adventurous ingredients, I definitely suggest this recipe. Here’s how mine turned out:

In addition to the kimchi, I decided to make a Big Girl Drink. My parents were out at yoga, it was just me, the cats and TV. Here’s what I did:

Ingredients: 1.5 cups cold water, 1 crystal light Mojito mix single serve package, 1 jigger silver rum (or coconut/fruit flavored rum), 1 glug (not really the official term…) of Blue Curacao, ice.

Tools: You’ll need a cup (duh), a shaker (or a slightly smaller cup to make a shaker-like system), a jigger (or a shot glass works), and a long-stemmed spoon. I have everything I need in a cocktail-making kit my boyfriend got me, but you can substitute most things.

To make it, mix the water, crystal light, and rum in your cup and stir. DO NOT put the Blue Curacao in until later or it won’t settle right and give you that great color separation. Put your ice in the shaker and then dump in your drink mixture, making sure to taste it and make sure the liquid to crystal light powder ratio is right. Close the shaker and shake to chill. Carefully pour the chilled mixture back into your glass. Once it’s settled, pour in your glug of Blue Curacao so it fills the cup about halfway. DO NOT STIR, DO NOT SHAKE. Stick a straw in it, slice up some limes if you like decorations in your drinks, and have at it!

Also, if you’re interested in exploring Korean food made professionally, the various Tofu House restaurants are great; I especially recommend So Kong Dong. Here is a list of Tofu Houses on Buford Highway in Atlanta. If you like authentic Asian food, this is the place to go! There is also a great Farmers Market and H Mart where you can get authentic ingredients as well as fully cooked food. And in London, I haven’t been but would love to try Kimchee.


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