Job Search Update: More appointments, more paperwork


Just a quick update today. I had to go in to my doctor’s office to pick up some of my paperwork and to get a TB test done. I’ll have to go back in two-three days to get it read and get the rest of my paperwork. The fun part (and by that I mean really, really not fun) wasn’t the actual office visit, it was having to scan and upload my paperwork to the online portal. I swear, I scanned about 30 pieces of paper into 6 or 7 different PDF files, then had to upload each into the portal. It took forever.

Anyway, my paperwork is still not done. In addition to my third visit to the doctor later this week, I have to wait for my gynecologist visit late in march to complete a section on the physical exam paperwork and to fill out another section of the paperwork. I’ve decided I’ll need to see the eye doctor just to get my glasses information paperwork completed, hopefully that won’t take an actual appointment and I can just walk in and get it filled out…

So no real point to this post other than to keep everyone updated on what I’m doing for my acceptance into the Peace Corps. Most jobs will have significantly more relaxed requirements, but if you’re at all interested in the Peace Corps, this is a good place to learn about everything that goes into accepting an invitation.


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