Writing Update: Word count rising!


I was so sure not two days ago that I had finished book 2 of my series (the first draft). I spent hours yesterday writing out my chapter-by-chapter plan for book 3 and brainstorming a working title. But then last night I realized… book two isn’t done yet. It was close, so very close, but not yet complete. I brainstormed for  a while sitting in bed, and resolved to figure everything out in the morning. Luckily, I was so engrossed with planning that somehow I continued thinking about it in my sleep. And by the time I woke up, I knew what I needed to do.

I had to edit through the plans for book 3 to fit in the changes that my addition in book two would make on the plot, but all in all, I love the new bits! I’ve just finished adding on the two chapters that I needed in book 2, and will continue on to book 3 later. Super excited!

With the writing I’ve done today, I managed to catch up my word count to past where it was supposed to be to complete 50k this month. Honestly, 1.6ish thousand words a day is not difficult once you’ve actually sat down to write. Getting yourself focused long enough to actually write is the hard part.

Here’s the updated word count as of now:


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