As a recent college graduate participating in the nail-grinding, head-banging frustration of the job hunt, I’ve gotten loads of advice on what I should be doing while job searching, what I should expect out of the zillions of applications I’ve sent out, and how to live the next sixty or so years of my life. I’ve read the books (well, admittedly I did skim a few of them…), I’ve listened to the advice, and I’ve tried to put it into action. But through the hundreds of books and articles and well-meaning advice, I’ve realized that a lot of the advice is conflicting at best, and just misleading at worst.

This blog is going to be a mixture of two things: my analysis of some of the most common advice I’ve received, and stories about how I’ve managed to survive so far.

I hope this blog might come in handy to anyone out there in my same situation: graduated and jobless with a bleak outlook on the future. It may even serve as a warning to any soon-to-be-graduates out there, worried about their upcoming commencement with no fancy job offers as a buffer between the reality of what happens once you’ve walked the stage and tossed the cap.

But in all honesty, this blog is more for me than anything else. As you’ve probably found (or will find eventually), being unemployed is hard. It’s boring. And it’s scary. And for me, writing about it makes it that much less boring, that much less scary. And it’s something that maybe one day I can show in an interview and say– “I haven’t just sat on my parent’s couch all this time, I sat on my parent’s couch and wrote about it!”


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